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Hello! My name is Jinjutha Uppakham and JIN LAW is mainly created by myself. I am a Thai lawyer fully authorized to practice laws in Thailand. I obtained my law degree in 2006 and firstly started my career for a refugee project under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Upon the conclusion of the UN project, I changed my career path into commercial laws where I have gained experiences as an attorney for law firms and as an inhouse-counsel for international companies operating business in Thailand. In particular, my area of expertise is foreign investment which includes a wide range of areas in commercial laws such as; business formation, business licensing, business contact, immigration and real estate.

I am currently based in both the U.S. and Thailand. However, this is not an obstacle to run your case in Thailand and I do not work alone! Whilst I focus on building a new knowledge and a network of potential clients in the U.S., I have a great and supportive lawyer team based in Bangkok, Thailand who will be a focal point taking care of the operational part. We are a virtue law service provider coordinating with clients via online tools. It makes everything easy and flexible especially for international clients. I am the main coordinator between clients and my team and I will be happy to introduce my team with you when we start working!



JIN LAW is created with the passion to make a ‘difference’ in the legal service industry aiming to serve foreigners operating their business in the Land of Smiles as Thailand is known. After more than 10 years of experiences, my professional friends and myself have found that it can be a struggle and a headache dealing with local lawyers (especially most of them do not speak English). On the other hand, using an international law firm may not be the right answer for your business, considering in terms of pricing and dealing with local authorities. This is why JIN LAW exists. We speak your language and we are familiar with local authorities. We keep our work clear, simple and always offer a fixed service fee. JIN LAW is not a Company (for now). We are a teamwork of professionals, small but quality. We offer legal services as a freelance lawyer. However, JIN LAW is registered as a ‘Law Office’ under the Lawyer Council of Thailand which allows and supports authorized Thai lawyers to run their solo law office independently.



I enjoy cooking and spending time with my beloved family.

I like hiking and exploring spectacular natural landscapes.

I have 5 cats in Thailand, 1 cat and 1 dog in the U.S. and I love animals!



You can check my LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jinjutha-uppakham-978927a0/.

My lawyer license number is 630/2557.

JIN LAW office’s registered number is 10312/2562.


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