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Foreign Business License (FBL)

Foreign Business License Application

A company owned by foreigners more than 51% of the shares and operating certain types of business is required to obtain a ‘foreign business license’ (FBL) prior to the commencement of business. However, FBL can be a though thing and complicated but that’s why we are here to help! Please have a look for more information in “KNOW THE LAWS” section or contact us for more details.


How does it work?

Similar to BOI application, you will be asked to provide information and documents about your business. This can be very detailed such as; your business model, potential clients, employment, budget, etc. We will review your information and draft your applications for FBL, then the applications will be sent to you for signatory before submission to Ministry of Commerce, which may take around 3 months (normally more than that) for consideration. The request for additional information, documents and interview may be made by the officer and will be taken care until completion and the license is issued.


How much is the Fee?

The fee for FBL application is a fixed rate fee at 75,000 Baht. The scope of work includes taking care of interview process, coordinating and following up with officer until the license is issued.


*The fee is excluded government fee and taxation where applicable. The transportation expense may be charged in case of working outside Bangkok.
*The process and timeline given here are for a general case and may be changed subject to relevant authority’s consideration and additional documents may be needed upon authority’s request.

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